Repairs & Estimates

Every technical component requires maintenance after a certain period, "renovation" or even a repair. In our workshop, we repair and maintain PC systems, notebooks, smartphones and tablets of all brands.

Whether it is a smartphone with a cracked display or a computer that no longer starts, we offer you a complete package for repairs and cost estimates.

With a quick diagnosis, we can find out the cause and provide you with multiple ways to make your hardware & software fit again.

Our competencies:


Before buying a computer, hardware, software, or individual parts.


For PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet. Hardware replacement and failure analysis.

Virus removal

Analysis and removal of viruses if and insofar as possible.

Data Backup

Consulting and planning of backups - manually or automatically.

New Installations

Upgrades & Downgrades of Windows operating systems and complete installations with data backup and migration of the new system.


We will create upon request a quote for your insurance.

The quote will include an exact description of the damage and the cost of repair.


We offer you updates, improvements or creation of your website. Private or for your company, we plan and design individually from A - Z. We create your professional web presence according to the latest technical standards, so that your new homepage from the outset is mobile optimized and is readable with a smartphone.

Whether market-proven content management systems (CMS), whose use is as easy as Microsoft Word program, or even highly optimized, self-created, solutions – we have the solution to meet your every need.

Have a look at our portfolio to get an insight into our work.

A little insight into our services:

  • Registration and administration of your web address (domain)
  • Concept development of your website
  • Design creation of your website
  • Programming of the website
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
  • Host your site on our servers (by request) or self-hosting.

We will be happy to complete other services such as the setting up and configuring of e-mail addresses for your domain(s).

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